God’s Not Through

August 21, 2014

God’s Not Through

So it’s been a long time since I’ve updated my news feed here, it’s so difficult keeping up with the plethora of social media outlets! I have just released my new Christian/Gospel Album “God’s Not Through”!  This album bounces through classic pop & christian genres, starting with very Israel Houghton like “Breakthrough” to funk/pop/rock “Losin It”, powerful ballads “God’s Not Through”, “Healer” made famous by Hillsong, 80’s rock/pop “God is love”, praise and worship “To Be Known By You”, ending with beautifully poetic “You’re Love Runs Deep in Me” and so much more in between. This album is just over 67 minutes long, over an hours worth of powerful, life changing & encouraging music! You can get your copy now by heading over to the store section of my website with links to CDBaby, iTunes & Amazon. Wherever you are don’t give up because “God’s Not Through”!  

Determined Gratitude

February 7, 2014

Since I was a child I have always had dreams. Dreams to sing, play and perform for people using my gift of music. These dreams have been matured into visions of what my life is and hopefully will become. I was contacted today by a musician who plays for some famous artists. He offered his services any time I would need them. I was honored, surprised, excited, and a little shocked. Despite the little bit of mainstream success I’ve had as an artist/musician, I still think of myself as the “unknown underdog”. Maybe that’s why I love Rocky Balboa so much, the unknown underdog with unstoppable determination, “he just keeps coming”. As a youth I won the award for most determined in my church youth group. Even before I was diagnosed with a terminal disease I’ve had this unquenchable drive to accomplish something of value with my life. This has sometimes lead to selfish amibition(Phil 2:3-4), which in the music industry is kinda the status quo. One of the things I am learning having a wife and child(3months old today) is what truly is important in life. I thought I had learned all there was on that subject after facing my mortality in 2000. I hope to one day shed myself of comparing my gifts, talents and accomplishments with those on the big stages, award shows and music charts and apply my mutant power of determination/drive to be content using my talents to, as Michael Jackson said, “make a better place for you and for me”. I am thankful every time I get behind an instrument or microphone and perform for an audience of one(or The One) or  a crowd of thousands. Music, or rather art in general, was meant to be given away. If I hold the song in my heart, it blesses no one.  I am determined to be grateful and, as William McDowell wrote, “give myself away”. Share your gifts my friends, they’re why they’ve been given to you. Don’t bury your talents in the ground, follow the advice of the Red Hot Chili Peppers “GIVE IT AWAY, GIVE IT AWAY, GIVE IT AWAY NOW!” 

Finally, if you’re willing to follow/walk with me, I will be writing at least once a month to share my journey/adventures/experiences in hopes that they will encourage you as you live your life and, as Michael W. Smith said, “roam through the night to find your place in this world”. In 2013 I can say this from experience and without a doubt: 1. The God of Avraham(Abraham), Yitzchak(Isaac) & Yisrael(Israel) is real 2. if you seek Him, His Kingdom and His righteousness first(Matt 6:33) He will add to you the desires of your heart(Psalm 37:4 & Psalm 20:4) 3. He will finish what He starts(Phil 1:6). Lather rinse and repeat for 2014, may His peace be upon you through the ups and downs of the coming year.

In Love,


First Blog 2013 Review

January 1, 2014

So I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while now. So many things we’re supposed to do as artist these days to expand our “brand”, and here I thought my job was to make music(jk). 2013 was amazing! Not that it wasn’t without it’s challenges, but definitely had the biggest highlight of my life thus far. Recap: I was blessed with opportunities to play at The Filmore as a member of The Billy Joel Tribute Band “The Stranger” performing our “Face to Face” show with Elton John impersonator and  super musician Ronnie Smith, opened for Marcus D. Wiley from the Yolanda Adams morning show, was on the bill with Tasha Cobbs, Israel Houghton & New Breed for the first annual Christian Unity Festival and was also a part of the iWorship concert with Tye Tribbett, Kierra “Kiki” Sheard & KJ Scriven. My Stevie Wonder Tribute Band “Natural Wonder” got to perform in Charlotte, Texas & South Florida, and I released my 2nd solo album, first Christian/Gospel, entitled “Miracle” in honor of God completely healing my cancer by allowing my wife to become pregnant. After all these things happened, including 2 large solo concert/ministry events, radio airplay of “Surrender Song” from the new album, producing several different artists in my studio and many other ministry opportunities, the biggest highlight of my life thus far came: my daughter was born. Evangeline Grace Bello, born November 7th at 10:44pm.

This has been the final chapter of my cancer being healed since I was diagnosed in 2000. Her birth has changed my life, and has truly caused me to reflect on why I do what I do, and what I want to pursue in this coming year. I’ve been caught between the industry/business of making music for a living, wanting my music to be more than entertainment, or even art, and making a sound that invokes something heavenly in the spirit/soul of everyone who hears it. It’s a tough world out there, even tougher when you truly try to live by The Living Word of Adonai(G-d). I have been wrestling since Evangeline was born with how to move forward with my ministry/music/livelihood, but I know that He guides those that put their trust in Him(Prov 3:5,6).

Charlotte jazz musician carves out a career

July 3, 2012

Gabriel Bello, 31, comes by his musical talents naturally.

His father is a professional percussionist, his mother sings professionally, his older brother is a base player, his younger sister is a professional singer, and his two uncles are professional musicians.

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Gabriel Bello Debuts at #1 with his Premier Jazz Album Release!

April 16, 2012

TWIN CITIES, MN, July 03, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ — Gabriel Bello has produced several number one records and now his first Album, self titled “Gabriel Bello” debuts at #1 on Billboard a week after the June 21st release by Kings Mountain Music & Film.

The JAZZ Album “GABRIEL BELLO” was released June21, 2011 by ECMD / Fontana /Universal Music and Video Distribution (UMVD)

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